Queer Fest

Queer Fest is Reflect’s annual signature event hosted in April that raises funds for Reflect’s bi-annual Queer Survivor Grant. Queer Fest is a unique event as our stage hosts an all Queer and Trans B.I.P.O.C. production of performers from all artistic backgrounds, many of whom are survivors of sexual violence themselves. Queer Fest brings our local South Florida community together to cry, to laugh, to heal, to love, to resist, and to stand in solidarity with sexual violence survivors. This year, Queer Fest will be held April 16th, 2022 from 8PM-12AM at The Set Miami. Get your tickets at

Art Therapy Series

The art therapy series is a series of events that Reflect hosts along with local artists Fridays in the summer to provide a safe space for survivors to express themselves through art. Each event has a different art theme, from poetry to painting, and anyone with any level of background art experience can come, even those who don’t have much experience in art. This session is meant to be therapeutic and allow survivors to heal. This year, our Art Therapy Series Will start in June. Stay tuned for official dates!